My dearest friend!

I'll leave this stale world pretty soon. I'm still in the same town and I'm not getting any better.
If you have a desire to meet with me for the last time, then use the worm. I don’t have much time left.

Yours, Amari!

P.S.: I'm not mad about the skull.

Not Involved is a dark fantasy/horror visual novel about Doctor who balances between helping others and taking care of himself.

If you want to save someone, you will have to make sacrifices. How far are you willing to go: being beaten, ostracized, having your limbs chopped off?..

You will find that this world doesn't always reward selflessness and kind heart...

  • Time to complete 2 chapters: 30-40 mins
  • Choices that effect Doctor appearance and locks/unlocks further choices
  • Unique art style from Lideil
  • Tense atmosphere
  • A bunch of mysteries to solve
  • This game explores following themes: depression, self help and helping others
  • TW: blood, graphic images of violence, self-harm, spiders
  • There will be more chapters to come!

Not Involved will be available for free so that more people can experience it. We rely on the support of our patrons to keep working on a great game!

If you experience any problems with the web version, try out Windows or Mac!


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hermosos graficos

Очень крутая игра! Жду продолжения)

The story line is phenomenal love it thank u 👍 

(1 edit)

Sorry this is only Part 1 but I already finished Part 2

All I can say cliffhanger, excited what's gonna happen next

EDIT: Part 2


Enjoyed Chapter #2 so much, can't wait to see how the story continues to progress! Great work so far, the story really keeps you interested and I cannot wait to read more! 

I love the art style and writing! It's amazing and I'm excited to see where it's headed


That's Great!


i adore the art style! very interested to see where the story goes <3


Excelent game.


Очень красивая визуальная новелла, которая позволила послушать божественный голос очень важного для меня человека, я бы хотел отдельно сказать про атмосферную музыку и сюжет, который позволяет втянуться в него полностью его прочувствовать


The game was pretty cool. Can`t wait for future chapters. Made a video on it.

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Визуал невероятно красивый, музыка отлично дополняет атмосферу. Немного не приятны выборы с развилками в рамках 1 диалога, ощущается как выбор без выбора, а не развилка. Понимаю, что прописать отдельную ветку, хоть и не большую, стоит сил и не всегда возможно, но просто тогда не злоупотреблять таким ходом.
Думаю, что как игра будет сделана полностью, лор будет раскрыт более полно, но сейчас приходится перетыкивать выборы чтобы узнать всю историю, тоже не особо хороший вариант. Лучше сделать как в квесте: задать переменную question со значением например 3 (чтобы дать возможность протыкать 3 варианта):

$ q = []
while len(q) < 3:

далее в вариантах, которые могут нас вернуть обратно к меню выбора написать:

$ q.append(1/2/3)
$ renpy.block_rollback()

Уже после кидать на следующую сцену. Так будет возможность прочесть все побочные ветки (или большую часть) без перепрыгивания на следующую сцену, ведь все равно так и так нас ведут к ней.
Есть непонятный момент для меня с подарком для девочки. Что я ей даю? Откуда у меня вообще что-то. Возможно, просто не корректно сформулирован выбор, но при 1 прохождении не стала его выбирать именно из-за непонятности.


I noticed this game while there was still only one chapter out, tabbing back into chapter two and I can't express how much I loved it! I'd say you crushed it, but then I'd remember a certain skeleton and feel bad, cheers and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds!


WOW!! I think I loved the second chapter more than the first! It felt like my choices mattered more to the progression of the story! I can't wait for the 3rd chapter I feel like then the choices will REALLY matter! 

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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(1 edit) (+3)

First impressions pretty good, nice art and an interesting world which would hook a readers interest pretty quickly.

Few things I noticed though is not too far into reading there were grammar errors popping up, first one I noticed was talking to the depressed patient near the start. Aside from these small things though the writing in general is good. 

This same scene was a bit confusing though, the woman's face is horribly disfigured but the first lines of text state that she looks quite healthy, although very sad. Then the topic stays on the mental issues without any character or narrative noticing her mutated face. Though this is just a first impression and for all I know there's a reason for that and it is intentional. 

Those were the only things I could think to point out early on, other than that this is a very interesting game so far.

What's that? I posted actual feedback and not a self promo video? that's wild right?


Wow. I am taken aback by how incredibly good this game is. Just wow.


Without a doubt one of the best games i have plaued on thid site.

The artwork is beautiful, it instantly drew me in how much effort went into the visuals.

The the writing is also fantastic, I really value the narrative in a game and this certainly exceeded my expectations.

Thankyou so much for reaching out asking me to record this game. Please let me know when chapter 3 is out.

Check out my video 🙂


What can I say but I love everything about this game, both chapters are fun and the artwork is always beautiful. What got me curious is the choices , when you replayed them if you die the narrative changes a bit and I even ended up with the voice I believe. This game is really wonderful and I wonder how many choices I can make and where they will lead me. Can't wait for Chapter 3

Chapter 2 is as good as the first one.


Chapter 2 was amazing. I died a few times, it was awesome. 


Absolutely bone chilling on some part~



Chapter 2 was great. I really feel bad for the skeleton guy though =(

(1 edit) (+3)

Such a lovely game!  Narration and sound design are on point. Illustrations are building very good atmospheric foundation along with mentioned sound, and music! I really like how you wrapped everything together.

 With that said choose what you describe, and what you want to show with Illustration. By that I mean that you don't have to "tell" everything with the text, you can show it. Example would be: Player comes to the Girl's house, we can see that glass is shattered. There is no need to tell that with text box.

I cant wait for the third part! 
Cheers ! Keep going with such a cool project!


Played 2nd chapter. Great! But the game has one problem - it was so fast, i want MORE



Lemme know when chapter 3 come out ong fr. 10/10 game bruu 🙌


This game is so awesome,part two is cool,i like art style,characters is very interesting,and story is great,cant wait a third chapter. But i wonder,could i save a skeleton? it was a very sad moment


GREAT GAME! I really hope for a third chapter!


Was so excited to play chapter 2! I love the characters and art style of this game so much! Can't wait to see more!

hey dna friendd

Finally got to Chapter 2, just as good as Chapter 1, had a fun time wondering what choices to pick, looking forward to continuing the story, found a little error/bug at 34:40.

Hey, thank you a ton!
We've fixed this bug with the latest update.

(2 edits)

Рип мои уши в моменте с Энтом и кровью Доктора. Но даже несмотря на это, момент еще сильнее втянул в атмосферу мира игры. Мрачно, грустно,  ужасно жестоко  -  с этим игра справляется на ура!

Визуальная составляющая игры огонь!!!!!!!!!  Персонажи хорошо подходят пейзажам и наоборот. Внимание к деталям, а именно, кровяка, кишки, желтые гнилые зубы выглядят вполне отвратительно, как это и должно быть). Мимика персонажей хорошо передает их эмоции и позволяет понять, как конкретно этот перс относится к твоему герою. 

В некоторых моментах все-таки не хватает настоящего выбора - некоторые варианты ответов все равно в итоге ведут к какому-то одному. Поэтому 8 трупов разговаривающих ворон из 10.

С нетерпением жду дальнейших глав и желаю всех благ разработчикам)

< 3


R.I.P Skeleton guy, he had a good death.


I wonder if he actually died, he was already undead and working to right the wrongs he committed so maybe he can't die until he does


I think Skeleton Guy said something about being put him in the ground preventing him from doing his deeds so he would be stuck there forever. I am hoping helping me into the window was the last needed good dead to right his wrongs. Either that or he just has to fertalize the ground with his remains, also known as probally just dust.

Who knows... c:



< 3


Interesting continuation to the story, really makes you wonder what is going on in the town with the change in the town's people. I am so curious to who we are playing as, especially when people perceive you are an undead, even though you still have blood. Curious to what the story is building up to, can’t wait to see what comes next. 

i finally got to play this which was a big treat ! i loved the whole world you are making but im sad about my skilly friend :( hope you enjoy the vid and the voices i gave the characters :D

(3 edits) (+1)

Very interesting world building~

The audio was also excellent, it adds to the immersion of the world.

However I feel like there's not much visible affects from our choices, perhaps because it's still the demo/perhaps I'm dumb (remember I'm not a professional). As far as I notice if we forget on how to console someone's mental health then we wouldn't try to talk to the lumberjack further after acquiring information of where Amari's house is. Other than that it's very excellent~

Edit 1: Moving the video to top.

Edit 2: I feel like the demo doesn't shows the feeling of the title, but perhaps that's just me!

I was shocked I saw the ending like that was faster than I thought

Great artwork & a very creepy world. Looking forward to the next chapter & delving deeper into the history of the doctor. 


Very Interesting. Love to play more.


Cool game or whatever. I added tts voice acting.

Good voice acting but might be better with deeper voice but still good

Thanks for the feedback, kinda was going for a lighter tone. I will add deeper voices in the future.

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